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A she-powered community rooted in self-love, Intentfully FiT offers a shared space where women age 50+ gather to embrace life with ageless authenticity.

Here, you’re the priority. Our offerings speak to what directly impacts you in this life chapter. We bring together experts in lifestyle, fitness, mindfulness, and wellness to support your journey with age-embracing insights that fuel your body on the outside, and reignite your inner passions.

Cultivate a life by your design, as your genuine self. There is nothing more magnificent and empowering than appreciating all that you are.


Your support helps fund women-led organizations that advance gender equity and human rights. Each season, Intentfully FiT donates a portion of proceeds to our Partner Organization – a mission and team we’re inspired by. This season, we are supporting the Sheen Educational Foundation.

Read about their founder Dolores Sheen and our partnership.


Welcome. Thank you for arriving here.

I’m so happy to introduce you to my passion project, Intentfully FiT, an age-embracing platform where women like you and me gather to cultivate joy and gratitude in this current chapter of being.

Together, we’re redefining the narrative on aging.

The concept hit me when I was in my late 50s and let my hair go gray. It was surprising how liberating it felt to be more in touch with the real me. There was a conscious shift from within that encouraged me to dive deeper to see what other beliefs might be limiting my authentic expression. Physical aches and pains were also beginning to show up in everyday activity. As a former professional athlete, this made me pause and listen to what my body was asking me. Giving up activities that made me feel my most alive was not an option.

I set out to explore new perspectives that would refresh the lens I viewed my life from and also support the natural changes my body was going through. Changes that could be made from the inside, that would affect how I feel on the outside. I had no idea the discovery would be so life-changing. Empowering women to celebrate their unique gifts, emboldened with new possibilities, became my quest. In sharing the conversation and the journey with my girlfriends, Intentfully FiT was born with the goal of galvanizing a larger community.

I get that life moves fast, and making time for yourself isn’t easy. As women, we often excel at putting everyone’s needs above our own. That’s why our content is unapologetically honest and cuts to the chase, supporting you to be your highest and best.

We research issues that speak to where you’re at. Our experts and everyday sheroes awaken us to the latest trends, essentials, tools, and ageless inspiration we all need. It’s more about “how to view yourself,” where you choose what offerings speak to you. A portion of proceeds go to women-led organizations that advance gender equity and human rights.

It’s my intention that Intentfully FiT becomes your safe haven for exploring new pathways to bring joy, renewed passion, and physical well-being into your life.

Everything you need is right where you are, so let the celebration begin. We’ve got your back.

In gratitude, Lisa
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Lisa is a former two-time National Figure Skating Pairs Champion and World Professional Silver Medalist who toured North America with Ice Follies, Ice Capades, and Scott Hamilton’s Stars on Ice. She recently retired her Public Relations Agency after 27 years to launch Intentfully FiT and become a NASM certified personal trainer. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Judd and dog Mo. They have two grown daughters.


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