where women celebrate their ageless authenticity

Where does the name Intentfully FiT come from?

Our founder Lisa Carey loves changing up words and forms that evoke questioning with wonder. Foremost, she wanted to express the power of intention in a way that embraces living life fully. Since being agelessly authentic is a life practice, FiT comes from being open within your heart, while being in tune with your body, and fitting in with a sense of belonging to a community and Oneness larger than ourselves.

How can I participate and be heard?

So glad you asked, because Intentfully FiT is all about celebrating you in this stage of life. By serving up age-embracing info and sharing inspirational experiences, we can each find what rings true for us, and grow from there, together. Your involvement supports a space where we can lean on one another like close friends, exploring our passions and discovering more of who we really are. A great place to start participating in our community is by signing up (at no cost) as a subscriber. You’ll get a free interactive Journeying Journal, gain access to the Intentful 5 Fitness video, receive a monthly newsletter, get invited to suggest topics to explore, nominate feature story candidates, enter contests, and more fun; Join our Community Here. You can also sign up for our exclusive Facebook Group to join in the conversation with like-minded women on the same path.

How can my product/company be considered for a partnership?

We welcome all inquiries and appreciate the chance to connect and learn more. Please reach out to us at intentfullyfit@gmail.com

How does my involvement with Intentfully FiT make a difference?

By sharing Intentfully FiT with your family and your friends, we all expand in our awareness and gratitude. As our community of Intentfuls grows, so does our ability to gain support in our journey from partners and affiliates. It goes a long way to helping iF fund women-led organizations that advance human rights and gender equality. Each season, Intentfully FiT donates a portion of proceeds to support our Partner Organization with a mission and team we are inspired by. This season, we are supporting the Sheen Educational Foundation. Read about their founder Dolores Sheen and our partnership here.

Are there any Intentfully FiT special events coming up?

We have some exciting plans in the works, and cool merchandise too. Just make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so we can keep you in the loop. Events, as they arise, will also be featured in our Facebook Group and in the About Section of this website.