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The Joy Of Walking

Taking Strides That Benefit Us In Ways We Never Knew

We can’t help but smile when gifted a glimpse of an infant navigating its first steps. Each teetering inch forward is met with pure joy and abandon.

As adults, walking is a foundational movement we often take for granted, probably because we don’t recognize how its benefits go far beyond simply getting us from one place to another.

I must confess, count me among the top offenders. It wasn’t until a back injury restricted my movement to walking that I actually slowed down enough to see the true benefits of a more conscious source of exercise that was kinder to my body. I’m grateful that my chronic pain opened up a whole new world of wonder for me.

Evening walks with my husband are also now my “après-dinner” dessert topper ever since researchers from the Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that even a few minutes of light-intensity walking after a meal can significantly reduce blood sugar levels and help ward off Type 2 diabetes.

Best of all, it’s as easy as heading out the door…

Walking nourishes our spirit:

By slowing down to the speed of our own body, we are in the present moment, aware of our breathing and the wonders in the environment around us.

  • Helps lower rates of depression
  • Improves our cognitive performance
  • Eases anxiety and boosts our mental health (see benefits of Forest Bathing)

5 women walking arm and arm surrounded by nature

Walking nourishes our body:

Your stride burns between 85 to 135 calories per mile, which can aid in a healthy dietary exercise regimen to help us feel good.

  • Lowers blood pressure and risk of stroke
  • Decreases knee pain and lower back pain
  • Improves sleep quality
  • May help improve cholesterol levels
  • Combats fatigue and boosts energy with endorphins
  • Engages and tones muscles, relieves stiffness
  • Helps reduce risk of heart disease

Once I embraced the fact that walking/hiking was the new best thing for my body, I no longer felt that I was settling for something less than. It’s become an enjoyable asset of my fitness routine. I was so wrong to think that by slowing down I was decreasing the value of my workout. Actually, it’s exactly what my body needed, and I finally listened. Hiking is my new nirvana and each time I head out the door with my dog nature surprises me with something new. My girlfriends and I also use the time to catch up on our lives while rewarding ourselves with feeling good.

Perhaps your bliss is in your next conscious step.

Happy trails to you…

Close up of womens shoes walking along a stone path