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What Does Fitness Mean to You?

Not everyone approaches exercise in the same way

It’s not all about cardio, but it is about benefitting from being able to move better in your daily life, to ease stress, to bolster your self-esteem, and perhaps even get a better night’s sleep. It begins with a deliberate choice to start moving.

1) Which one best describes you:

  • a) Don’t really like to exercise but I do it because I feel good afterwards
  • b) I enjoy exercising; it helps me manage my weight and relieve stress
  • c) I hate to exercise so I keep it to a minimum
  • d) I’m unable to exercise (illness, injury)

2) If you exercise, what do you do to make exercising enjoyable and rewarding?

  • a) Time to be with friends/nature
  • b) Listen to music, podcast, book on tape
  • c) Morning workouts set up my day right
  • d) Classes with other people motivate me
  • e) Other (fill in what works best for you)

3) What are the three most important attributes you gain from exercise?

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I’d love to hear from you and to learn what exercise means to you in your life. Please take a few minutes to see how these questions land with you. If you feel like being a voice in this community, I’d love to benefit from your insights at intentfullyfit@gmail.com.

I appreciate you and your energies.