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Dance Church Leaves Me
Praying For Rhythm

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LETTER “D”: Dance Church Leaves Me Praying for Rhythm

There’s a reason I didn’t make my junior high Drill Team. Perhaps the eagle-eyed volunteer advisor recognized the truth about me long before I did… I have no rhythm.

Over the years I have shunned aerobics classes where I’m expected to follow along with the perky instructor at the front of the room. Or if I did attend, I grabbed my mat and dashed for the far back corner to hide my inept flailing.

A friend always encouraged me to try attending group aerobic or step classes. “They have great energy, and you push yourself harder.” Yes, and she happens to be a former professional cheerleader who can follow choreographed steps in her sleep.

Waterbottle, tennis shoes and iPad


So, when Lisa Carey, the founder of Intentfully FiT, recommended I check out Go.DanceChurch.com for the letter D of my adventure column, I was hesitant. She assured me, “when my girls come home, we put this on, get a great workout, and have a blast.” Of course, Lisa is a former professional figure skater. So, there’s that.

When I realized I could participate from the comfort (and anonymity) of my home, I said I would give it a go. I donned my active wear and an 80s-ish headband to complete my ensemble. Suddenly I had flashbacks of “Body Buddies” where a buff couple in gold lamé leotards led a half-hour TV exercise class for LA housewives in the early 80s. I had a sneaky suspicion this experience would be a lot different.

Then I asked my athletic 17-year-old daughter to join me. “Not a chance,” she declared. Yes, she has inherited my dancing prowess. Instead, she sat on the couch in her pajamas and took pictures of me while I got my church on (Photo credit: Annalise).

Woman dances with hands on hips

Go.DanceChurch.com is a subscription-based platform that offers real-time and on-demand dance classes with a variety of instructors. It started as a Sunday morning movement class, but soon expanded to offer in-person classes in major US Cities. Live classes are still available, and now anyone can be a dancer at any time with the smorgasbord of on-line offerings from nearly two dozen instructors such as:

  • “Steamy Time with Joe Davis”
  • “Ticket to Ride with Maya Tacon”
  • “Midnight Disco with Tariq Mitri”
  • “Drop your Lemon with Kate Wallich”

Because I’m a beginner, I chose the more manageable-sounding class of “Arms and Core Realness with Dominica Greene.”

It was clear from the start that I was no match for Dominica. She was dressed in cool clothes, commanded the floor like it was a Broadway stage, and moved with the fluidity of someone who had the music in her.

Meanwhile, I moved liked someone who had the Metamucil in her. But whatever. I was in the moment. I moved and gyrated and planked and downward dogged and pumped and ignored all commands to “double time” it. Thankfully the class was about 20 minutes long, and I survived.

Woman reaches up in exercizes

During the class, Dominica kept up a friendly flow of conversation and was very human. She stumbled a bit and said, “I can’t even do that.” Maybe that’s where the Realness title comes from. Overall, it was a good workout and I couldn’t help but have fun as my daughter worked her own core by laughing heartily at my moves. Not that I can blame her.

Just for kicks, we tuned into some other classes where the dancing got serious. I was lost. Could I fake it and shake it? Sure. Would I do this regularly? Nope. Would I do this if my daughters joined along? Yes, because it’s good family fun and we’d likely laugh until we peed ourselves.

But until that day comes, give me a ball and a stick and let me play outdoor sports. Then we’ll all be happy.

It’s a wrap: (Please note: This adventure was fully paid for. This is not a promotion or partnership)

Fourn-YAY – If you’re a dancer, or just like the idea of an alternative exercise class, this is a great option.

Fourn-NAY – This was thankfully an in-home humiliation session. You won’t be seeing me buying a ticket for the in-person classes.

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Got something fun on your bucket list I should try? We’d love to hear your suggestions at intentfullyfit@gmail.com

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